Glasses aligned next to a single bottle of THE ONE IN A MILLION


Vintage Revelation

The Pinnacle of Excellence Revitalized

Located along the eastern edge of Rutherford, the vines selected for THE ONE IN A MILLION represent the heart and soul of the Napa Valley. Our viticulturist and winemakers closely monitor each growing season and methodically make decisions based on the vineyard’s needs.

At harvest, each grape cluster is hand-picked and sorted to ensure only optimal berries reach fermentation. After 22 months of aging in new French Oak barrels, explosive flavors of intricate complexity are born.

The inaugural vintage is 100% Petit Verdot, traditionally a classic component of Bordeaux blends that is quite rare to find on its own. This unique grape varietal is exquisite, and renowned for bold, sophisticated, and intricate layers of flavor. The composition varies with each release and
remains limited, representing spectacular and exemplary barrel lots of the
vintage – The One In A Million.

With a dedication to only the finest craftsmanship, a hands on approach continues beyond the winemaking process. After bottle aging, labels are hand administered and adorned with a distinct silver wax seal, leaving no detail subject to chance. Only four barrels, totalling 100 exquisite cases are currently available.

A single bottle of THE ONE IN A MILLION


The inaugural 2017 vintage is 100% Petit Verdot from Rutherford, Napa Valley. Aged for 22 months in new French Oak barrels. Introducing a legend that will never be forgotten. Are you ready to meet The One?

Pouring a glass of THE ONE IN A MILLION


Breathtaking from the very first pour. Intricate nuanced notes of cherry, thyme and dark plum linger on the nose. Crème de cassis swirls with compounding fruit flavors, cocoa, anise and caramel. A long finish with polished tannins culminates the experience and beckons for more.